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Amazon website is limited to 50 instances per page. The only fix is to use the CLI.

AWS Tutorial - AWS CLI EC2 - List , Launch, Tag, Start, Stop and Terminate EC2 instances

You can modify the command to pick the information you want. Refer to the official AWS command line reference. If you want to get instances with name in tabular format use the below command. Name, [Tags[? Like Like. Thank you very much HFT guy for this tip! I was asked to generate a list our AWS instances for coporate SecOps team, and found I could not simply export from console.

But this worked for me. Name, LaunchTime, Placement. AvailabilityZone, Placement. Value] [0][0], [Tags[? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Like this: Like Loading Any way to include a first row of column headers in the output? This is definitely going to come in handy!

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. The command seems to otherwise work. Installed with pip in a virtualenv. I don't think the current format is all that useful. In a table I want a set of column headers, and a set of values. I don't want what i'm getting, which is just a table-formatted version of the "text" output with multiple lines per snapshot entity.

You'd probably want to error out if there were too many possible tags. This would be a useful thing to have for us, and i bet for lots of people who make their own typical small set of tags.

You might also consider having a CSV output style; you're doing all the hard work already making the table. As programmers you think in terms of parsing JSON; lots of people out in the world think of looking at tables in Excel. Having a single line per item described is important to this, as well as a header line like you'd have for a table. Thanks for the feedback. The first output you show above certainly looks like a bug.

I'm looking into it now. One of the things we're looking at is being able to make the formatters pluggable. I can certainly imagine that certain output formatters would be more useful to certain people depending on what their use case is.

How interested are you in other feedback of this nature? If you are interested, let me know how you want it - more bug reports, something else, etc. Should be fixed, the root cause was that we can't assume that given a list of dicts of snapshots, all the dicts will have the same keys.

In this case if a snapshot didn't have any Tags, then the 'Tags' key would not be in the dictionary and we'd error out if you run this with --debug you'll see a Traceback.

We're definitely interested in feedback of this nature, feel free to file more issues.When Zillow created its home-valuation tool—Zestimate—nearly 15 years ago, it had to develop an on-premises machine learning framework to process an array of data. But, as its popularity and complexity grew, Zillow needed a better way to deliver Zestimates on nearly million homes across the country.

Zillow moved its Zestimate framework to AWS, giving it the speed and scale to deliver home valuations in near-real time.

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In hot housing markets, homes can go from listing to offer in just days. Zillow built AWS technologies into its infrastructure to quickly and reliably deliver hundreds of millions of emails each month, keeping customers apprised of the latest listings, home statuses, and more. Live Nation is the global leader in live entertainment that produces concerts, sells tickets, and connects brands to music.

In Live Nation announced it was moving its global IT infrastructure to AWS in an effort to deliver better experiences to its customers. The company moved applications and servers to AWS within 17 months without adding headcount or budget. By moving to AWS, Live Nation has moved from troubleshooting hardware to delivering on innovative ideas that serve its customers better.

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Since implementation, Live Nation realized a percent reduction in total cost of ownership, supported 10 times as many projects with the same staff, and saw a percent improvement in application availability. Peloton was founded in by a team of five people, and launched on Kickstarter in The company was born on AWS and delivered its first bike in In seven years, Peloton has grown to more than 1.

Peloton uses AWS to power the leaderboard in its live-streamed and on-demand fitness classes, and it requires high elasticity, low latency, and real-time processing to deliver customizable rider data for the community of more than 1.

Using AWS, Peloton can quickly test and launch new features to improve the unique experience of home-based community fitness. Not available for sales in the United States. GE Healthcare uses AWS and Amazon SageMaker to ingest data, store data compliantly, orchestrate curation work across teams, and build machine-learning algorithms.

GE Healthcare reduced the time to train its machine-learning models from days to hours, allowing it to deploy models more quickly and continually improve patient care. Epic Games has been using AWS since and is now all in on the AWS Cloud, running its worldwide game-server fleet, backend platform systems, databases, websites, analytics pipeline, and processing systems on AWS. InEpic Games launched Fortnitea cross-platform, multiplayer game that became an overnight sensation.

AWS is integral to the success of Fortnite. Using AWSEpic Games hosts in-game events with hundreds of millions of invited users without worrying about capacity, ingests million events per minute into its analytics pipeline, and handles data-warehouse growth of more than 5 PB per month.

Using AWS, Epic Games is always improving the experience of its players and offering new, exciting games and game elements. The company plans to expand its use of AWS services in the future, including machine learning and containerized services. Matson built a flagship mobile application for global container tracking that allows customers to perform real-time tracking of their freight shipments. Other valuable features in the application include interactive vessel schedule searching, location-based port map lookups, and live gate-camera feeds.

This provides highly available edge located endpoints for access into resources within Matson's existing virtual private clouds. The AWS Lambda functions are designed using the microservices pattern and are modeled around specific ocean-based business contexts, such as shipment tracking and vessel schedules. Matson's customers rely on accurate, up-to-the-minute container tracking and vessel status information.If you've got a moment, please tell us what we did right so we can do more of it.

Thanks for letting us know this page needs work. We're sorry we let you down. If you've got a moment, please tell us how we can make the documentation better. In the following example, you use an export task to export all data from a CloudWatch Logs log group named my-log-group to an Amazon S3 bucket named my-exported-logs.

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This example assumes that you have already created a log group called my-log-group. We recommend that you use a bucket that was created specifically for CloudWatch Logs. However, if you want to use an existing bucket, you can skip to step 2. The Amazon S3 bucket must reside in the same Region as the log data to export.

aws cli output to excel

At a command prompt, run the following create-bucket command, where LocationConstraint is the Region where you are exporting log data. By default, all Amazon S3 buckets and objects are private. Only the resource owner, the account that created the bucket, can access the bucket and any objects that it contains. However, the resource owner can choose to grant access permissions to other resources and users by writing an access policy.

Create a file named policy. Use a text editor to create this policy file. Don't use the IAM console. If the bucket is in a different account, use the following policy instead.

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It includes an additional statement using the IAM user you created in the previous step. If the bucket is in a different account, and you are using an IAM role instead of an IAM user, use the following policy instead.

Controlling Command Output from the AWS CLI

Set the policy that you just added as the access policy on your bucket by using the put-bucket-policy command. The bucket owner will have full permissions on all of the exported objects. If the existing bucket already has one or more policies attached to it, add the statements for CloudWatch Logs access to that policy or policies. We recommend that you evaluate the resulting set of permissions to be sure that they're appropriate for the users who will access the bucket.

After you create the export task for exporting logs from a log group, the export task might take anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours, depending on the size of the data to export. At a command prompt, use the following create-export-task command to create the export task. At a command prompt, use the following describe-export-tasks command.

You can use the describe-export-tasks command in three different ways:. At a command prompt, use the following cancel-export-task command:. You can use the describe-export-tasks command to verify that the task was canceled successfully.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Server Fault is a question and answer site for system and network administrators. It only takes a minute to sign up. I am trying to capture the output of an aws ec2 delete-snapshot in a Bash script command but I cannot get anything to capture the output.

Error messages are usually printed on a different file descriptor, 2stderr"standard error". On your terminal screen, you are seeing both stdout and stderr. Error output will be written to stderrnot stdoutand you are only redirecting stdout.

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Active 3 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 11k times. Here is some example output. Expected: 'snap Has anyone else ran into this issue? MadHatter JoshZ JoshZ 53 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 3 3 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. Will Will 1, 10 10 silver badges 23 23 bronze badges.

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How to export Amazon EC2 instances to a CSV file

New platform. You've got your brand new Lambda PowerShell script created in AWS and now you don't want to just have it do something, you want to have it return some useful data.

In this video, learn how to write a Lambda PowerShell script that will collect information and return data as a result of the Lambda function execution. Also, learn the differences between writing information to the CloudWatch Logs versus returning a result from the Lambda function. Are you sure you want to mark all the videos in this course as unwatched? This will not affect your course history, your reports, or your certificates of completion for this course.

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You can also explore how to perform identity and access management, MySQL deployments, and EC2 and S3 management, all through the command line. Start watching to learn how to leverage these powerful scripting tools to reduce your overhead, speed up routine administration, and troubleshoot your AWS systems and services.

Skill Level Intermediate. Show More Show Less. Related Courses. Preview course. Search This Course Clear Search.If you've got a moment, please tell us what we did right so we can do more of it. Thanks for letting us know this page needs work. We're sorry we let you down. If you've got a moment, please tell us how we can make the documentation better. This can be useful to pass the output to a text processor, like grepsedor awk. It typically presents the information in a "human-friendly" format that is much easier to read than the others, but not as programmatically useful.

As explained in the configuration topic, you can specify the output format in three ways:. Using the output option in a named profile in the config file — The following example sets the default output format to text. Using this environment variable overrides any value set in the config file. Using the --output option on the command line — The following example sets the output of only this one command to json. Using this option on the command overrides any currently set environment variable or the value in the config file.

You can customize and filter the results in any format by using the --query parameter. For more information, see How to Filter the Output with the --query Option.

Most programming languages can easily decode JSON strings using built-in functions or with publicly available libraries.

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For more advanced filtering that you might not be able to do with --queryyou can consider jqa command line JSON processor. For more advanced filtering that you might not be able to do with --queryyou can consider yqa command line YAML processor. It works well with traditional Unix text tools such as grepsedand awkand the text processing performed by PowerShell.

The text output format follows the basic structure shown below. The columns are sorted alphabetically by the corresponding key names of the underlying JSON object.

aws cli output to excel

The following is an example of text output. Each field is tab separated from the others, with an extra tab where there is an empty field. The fourth column is the PasswordLastUsed field, and is empty for the last two entries because those users never sign in to the AWS Management Console.

We strongly recommend that if you specify text output, you also always use the --query option to ensure consistent behavior. This is because the text format alphabetically orders output columns by the key name of the underlying JSON object returned by the AWS service, and similar resources might not have the same key names. Also, resources might have key-value elements added or removed in future updates, altering the column ordering.

This is where --query augments the functionality of the text output to provide you with complete control over the output format. In the following example, the command specifies which elements to display and defines the ordering of the columns with the list notation [key1, key2, This gives you full confidence that the correct key values are always displayed in the expected column.

aws cli output to excel