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The group was set up with the intention of breaking away from Nigeria to form an independent nation of Biafra. Biafra is expected to be made of a number of states in South-East Nigeria which is made up mainly of people from the Igbo ethnic group. The victims were rushed to the hospital after the incident for medical attention. Unfortunately, the Inspector died while the other Police personnel were placed under intensive care in the hospital.

The arrested suspects are expected to be arraigned in Court once the investigation under Terrorism Prevention Amendment Act is completed. Moshood also revealed that the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, had directed the Commissioner of Police, Anambra State to carry out intense search operations for the recovery of the two AK47 rifles and one Beretta Pistol with the ammunition snatched from the slain police inspector and other police officers wounded by the suspects.

In response to the arrest of some members of IPOBthe group has reiterated its commitment towards restoring Biafra sovereignty through peaceful and democratic process, stressing it would not be deterred by confrontations with security agents.

According to IPOB, the people that had been arrested by the police, following the incident were not their member but perhaps poor innocent citizens. According to the IPOB Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, the group has never indulged in violence or crime, no matter the level of provocation from security agents and the Nigerian government.

He further revealed that the incident was simply another example of a lawless police organisation intent on causing trouble.

Another IPOB march took place in November with the group stating its readiness to boycott the general elections. They further revealed that the march held under the aegis of IPOB Volunteers was to register their happiness over the second coming and reappearance of their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, in Jerusalem last month.

He said the efforts by IPOB family worldwide to restore Biafra sovereignty must continue until Nigeria Government and her handlers give a date for Biafra referendum. He further revealed that there were determined to leave the prison called Nigeria where British government experimented to lead black Africans and other black nations across the globe but failed to live up to the expectations for over years, because of Hausa-Fulani dominations.

Powerful also pinpointed the adulterated Biafran working with the Nigeria Government and revealed that they have preferred to be slaves in their own fathers land to the detriment of Biafra restoration project. According to Nnebe, it will impact negatively on the South-East if for any reason, people got involved in boycotting the election.

He further expressed optimism that the issue would be resolved before the elections as he believes their claims are a product of youthful exuberance, but they checkmated by the elders before the election.

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The group reiterated that unless its demands were met, its stance that elections would not hold in the South East and South South regions was sacrosanct, saying propaganda by some individuals and groups in Igboland against the group would not discourage it from its mission.

The National President of the Ohanaeze youth had responded to the IPOB claims after their meeting in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State with its National President, Okechukwu Isiguzoro reiterating that Kanu failed to get it right, insisting that the governors have done well and deserved a second chance.

In his statement, Isiguzoro revealed that the Ohanaeze Youths respect and appreciate all views, opinions and comments of individuals or groups on any issue, but Kanu did not get it right as every Southeast governor seeking reelection mean well for Ndigbo and will be reelected in as we insist that Ugwuanyi, Umahi and Ikpeazu will win in their states.

He further stated that no part of Igbo land will burn if the governors win, as we will ensure that we will continue to enjoy peace and positive economic activities in Abia or any part of Southeast before, during and after elections. However, he urged the Southeast governors to keep their promises by ensuring that the palace of Igwe Israel Kanu, in Umuahia and the roads leading to the palace should be rehabilitated.

Isiguzoro summarized his statement by reiterating that the Ohanaeze youths will always advocate non-violent elections and insist that Igbo will vote in the elections as boycott will give room for votes buying, which we will resist with our blood. According to the State Police Public Relations Officer, Geoffrey Ogbonna, who confirmed the arrest, he said those arrested with Biafra insignia included 10 females and 41 males.

Ibe further revealed that the Nigerian culture and religion is not the same with theirs so the time has come for them to have their own country. Ibe also disclosed that the worshippers informed the police and some government agencies before the peaceful protest.

On the other hand, the Chief Imam of Abia State, Sheikh Ali Ukiwo, described the action as bad, untimely and uncalled for, adding that historically in Igbo land, December is the month of celebrations. However, IPOB requested that the police in Umuahia release without further delay, the Jewish worshippers it arrested during the march for Biafra referendum and freedom.

The group also threatened to notify the Jewish community all over the world, particularly Jewish worshipers in Israel and other parts of the world about the arrest. In the statement, the group also urged the state police commissioner and governor, OkezieIkpeazu to ensure the immediate release of the protesters who committed no crime.For Biafra to become a unique Nation with all of these values listed above, Biafra needs it's own indigenous writing system.

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Our Igudibia letters are the new wave of this revolution. Brace yourself, something great is about to happen. For the thousand reading our messages abroad, for the millions reading our messages at home.

This is a final warning for anyone willi You still have an ample of time and opportunities to pick up your pieces and vacate Lagos state now. We remember that in we warned our people to leave Lagos, and some if not most ignored our call, a call to save you from grace to grass. Today is happening. One thing we have promised is that every nook and crannies of fraudulent federation of Nigeria will smell what BRF is cooking.

It does not matter if you are Igbo or a Biafran, as long as the place benefits the overall interest of Nigeria, other than Biafra. Such places will not be spared. The Igbo had been busy enriching the Yoruba and Hausa Fulani''s Land, and left their home in the hands of Criminals parading themselves as Politicians.

In the end the land of Biafra becomes a laughing stock, things are now about to change. Remain in Lagos and loose it all, leave now and save your family, and friends the agony of loosing it all. Tsunami is here. Biafra land do not have any interest and benefits from the Igbo people who are living and investing in Lagos state. All they Igbo do is come home every New year or Christmas, and boast about their individual effort, which does not yield any meaningful gain to Biafra land.

They never support or give scholarship to our poor masses at home base. The traders as they called themselves never support poor funded hospitals, and Maternity homes, and Clinics in Biafra land.

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Instead their tax dividends goes to developing of Yoruba land. Their census count goes to the development and enrichment of Yoruba land. Their votes go to the promotion of Yoruba man's benefits. Is either Biafra or no Nigeria. We must call a spade a spade. Is time for everyone to go back home by fire or by force. I write today to inform Biafrans and the international community of our immediate intent to leave the country of Nigeria and restore Biafra as a sovereign nation.

Many have chronicled the horrific journey of the Biafran people during the Biafra-Nigeria War What most may not know is the continued marginalization and subjugation that Biafran people have suffered since that time. BRF was formed over ten 10 years ago to address this concern and to establish a democratic government for Biafrans that will offer opportunities for economic growth, educational advancement and the freedom to live according to personal values and ideals.

The following are just a few examples of the current state of our people and the catalyst for our actions: 1. While Biafra has the four 4 largest seaports in Nigeria, Biafrans are not currently allowed to use these seaports.

Instead Biafrans are forced to travel approximately Kilometers The closest being the same Kilometer journey to Lagos. It should be noted that the Government does operate fully-functioning airports throughout other parts of the country, especially in the North and West.

The Nigerian Government currently does not allow foreign presence in Biafra land. Appropriation of oil wells and exploration rights have been systematically delivered to non-Biafrans. This not only strips Biafrans of their economic birthright, but diminishes their opportunities for employment and advancement within their region.

Additionally, earnings from the oil industry have been consistently distributed to other parts of the country and used to prop up the economy of the country with no viable investment in the region from which it comes.Na for March na im Kanu file di case wia im accuse di Nigerian goment say dem violate im human rights.

According to Kanu, goment arrest am, detain am, come torture wen im dey custody plus dem also seize im properties dem.

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But Justice Dupe Atoki wey deliver di judgement on Wednesday on behalf of panel of three judges dem say di court strike out di case base on say Kanu fail to provide evidence of im claims.

Di court also conclude say im arrest and detention by di Nigerian goment no dey unlawful since im become threat to di existence of Nigeria as a kontri. Di regional court also describe Nnamdi Kanu representation of di indigenous pipo of Biafra as something wey dey against di law.

Kanu lawyer Henry Dingba wey follow BBC tok afta di judgement say dia team go meet to reason dia next line of action. News Pidgin Plenti seshon. IPOB sit at home order flop? Jolly turn katakata for Nigeria Senator Ekweremadu But Justice Dupe Atoki wey deliver di judgement on Wednesday on behalf of panel of three judges dem say di court strike out di case base on say Kanu fail to provide evidence of im claims.

Go back on top. Another thing we de for inside dis tori. Video 'Biafra no be answer' - Obasanjo. Top tori.Recent Post Recent Post. China bans coronavirus origin research, amid row with US over virus origin.

Under the new policy, all academic papers on Covid will be subject to extra vetting before being submitted for publication. Studies on the origin of the virus will receive extra scrutiny and must be approved by central government officials, according to the now-deleted posts.

A medical expert in Hong Kong who collaborated with mainland researchers to publish a clinical analysis of Covid cases in an international medical journal said his work did not undergo such vetting in February.

Some findings about early coronavirus cases -- such as when human-to-human transition first appeared -- have raised questions over the official government account of the outbreak and sparked controversy on Chinese social media.

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And now, Chinese authorities appear to be tightening their grip on the publication of Covid research. A Chinese researcher who spoke on condition of anonymity due to fear of retaliation said the move was a worrying development that would likely obstruct important scientific research.

CNN has reached out to China's foreign ministry for comment. Increased scrutiny. According to the directive issued by the Ministry of Education's science and technology department, "academic papers about tracing the origin of the virus must be strictly and tightly managed. The directive lays out layers of approval for these papers, starting with the academic committees at universities. They are then required to be sent to the education ministry's science and technology department, which then forwards the papers to a task-force under the State Council for vetting.

Only after the universities hear back from the task-force can the papers be submitted to journals. Other papers on Covid will be vetted by universities' academic committees, based on conditions such as the "academic value" of the study, and whether the "timing for publishing" is right. The directive is based on instructions issued during a March 25 meeting held by the State Council's task-force on the prevention and control of Covid, it said.

When CNN called a contact number left at the end of the notice, a staff member of the education ministry's science and technology department confirmed they had issued the directive. A few hours later, the Fudan University page was taken down. The China University of Geoscience in Wuhan also posted a similar notice about the extra vetting on Covid papers on its website.

The Chinese researcher who spoke to CNN said the notice was issued a few days ago, adding that only Covid research was subject to the additional checks.

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Hui said he was still revising the draft of the paper until 3 a. I'm not sure if it is because of the controversy about the origin of the virus later, and the non-sensitive stuff becomes sensitive too. Laboratory technicians test samples of the coronavirus at a lab in Hengyang in China's central Henan province.

Origin of the virus. In late December, Wuhan reported the first cases of the coronavirus, linked by authorities to a seafood market in the city.

Scientists in China and the West have said the virus is likely to have originated in bats and jumped to humans from an intermediate host -- just like its cousin that caused the SARS epidemic in and However, parts of Chinese social media and even the country's government appear to have launched a concerted campaign to question the origin of the virus.


Chinese officials and state media have repeatedly stressed that there has been no conclusion on the exact origin of the virus. In China, research papers on the coronavirus are already subjected to layers of vetting after they are submitted to Chinese academic journals, according to an editor at a Chinese medical journal. Wang Lan, the editorial director of the Chinese Journal of Epidemiology, said all Covid papers have to go through an approval process for "major topics" after being submitted to her journal.Tweets by todayng.

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Popular Nollywood actress reveals spiritual life.

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Home Topics Biafra. Read more. Biafra leader recovers from coronavirus. Nnamdi Kanu: Coronavirus has confirmed Nigeria not a federation. Nigeria needs new constitution to forestall another war — ex-president.

The agitation for a new political order and arrangement in Nigeria got a new convert in former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Saturday. The Indigenous People Of Biafra IPOB obviously still feeling triumphant over the success of the burial of the parents of their leader, Eze Israel and Lolo Kanu, have said that the burial has re-united old alliances and paved the way to unity among the Igbo and their neighbours.

Igbo group urges Nnamdi Kanu to stay away from his parents burial venue. Methodist Prelate: Nigeria in dire need of good leadership. The forum also asked Nigerians to allow the zone to produce the next President, saying that at the moment, the North can not trust both the south east and the south west enough to hand over power to them in Recent Stories.IPOB noted that Omoyele Sowore, the man spearheading the RevolutionNow protests, of collecting millions of dollars Former President Olusegun Obasanjo in a letter personally signed by himself described the dethronement These deregistered Good Morning Nigeria!

Good Day Nigeria! Naija Buzz News.

biafra news today in abuja

Buzzy Stories Politics How Obasanjo reacted to the dethronement of Sanusi. Politics Governor Ganduje bans street begging by Almajiris. Says primary and secondary education compulsory for all Almajiris Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State on Tuesday announced a ban on street begging Politics Police says community policing initiative is meant for employed Nigerians only as there will be no payment The Nigeria Police says that the Community Policing Service would be strictly voluntary and News I will not allow electoral malpractices in — President Buhari President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday said that politicians must work hard in because Video News Taraba millionaire kidnap kingpin Wadume reveals that soldiers killed 3 policemen to release him Alhaji Hamisu Wadume, a Taraba millionaire kidnap kingpin who was rearrested on Tuesday by News RevolutionNow: Over 55 unarmed protesters, journalists arrested, could be charged with treason Over 55 persons were reportedly arrested on Monday in the RevolutionNow protest across the Busola Dakolo and her husband, News Gen.

Yakubu Gowon rtdhas revealed how he and Gen Hope you are all doing your part to help stop the To Top.I have just released my registrar to go for prayers and you have just made me miss my own prayers With this statement from a supposed judge who is presiding over one of the most frivolous case ever in the history courts justice Binta Nyako adjourned till 21st of May The hearing which began at exactly But that verbal assault from the judge never deterred the team of formidable Biafran legal luminaries as the fired on.

Igwe fired on Nigerian constitution made it clear that if trial fails to proceed after two months that the accused person s is entitled to bail and it is very clear from the position of the prosecution counsel today that they are not ready as they have hinted that they are not ready again for the reply to our bail application made almost about a month ago IPOB'S legal team continued.

And after this salvo, the unlettered and frustrated Fulani woman judge made the statement above and scampered out of the court Meanwhile, the prosecution lead counsel Malam librarian was nowhere near the court today as he is obviously not ready for another round of disgrace from the formidable and ebullient IPOB'S legal team.

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