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Karakia prepares us for everything in this world. He adds, "The real meaning of karakia is to prepare someone for what needs to be done, for various purposes to keep them safe and well. It was when he travelled to the East Coast and came under the tutelage of haka exponent Derek Lardelli that Ora says he was introduced to another world of karakia.

If we couldn't do it on stage then we wouldn't be able to do the karanga, the wero or the rituals to prepare our weapons and the water, all of those aspects. There were off-shore companies and tourists trying to take the water.

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Because of this, we changed our approach and featured the water. It was poured into our hands, then over our bodies, then we prayed. While preparing the men for the haka, this action also symbolised the people, the leaders and ancestors of the hosts in going to battle against the local council. Because of this, you see both female and male coming together bound by water. Water is what binds us together.

I really believe in using karakia on the stage but it must always relate to a purpose. Add to Log in to add this video to a playlist. Kapa haka Te Matatini. Related stories. Most popular stories.Karakia are recited rapidly using traditional language, symbols and structures. Traditionally correct delivery of the karakia was essential: mispronunciation, hesitation or omissions courted disaster. The two most important symbols referred to in karakia are of sticks and food, while the two key actions are of loosing and binding.

Individual karakia tend to follow a pattern: the first section invokes and designates the atuathe second expresses a loosening of a binding, and the final section is the action, the ordering of what is required, or a short statement expressing the completion of the action. The images used in karakia are from traditional narratives.

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There were karakia for all aspects of life, including for the major rituals, i. Karakia for minor rituals and single karakia include those for the weather, sickness, daily activities and for curses and overcoming curses. These enabled people to carry out their daily activities in union with the ancestors and the spiritual powers. With the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android app you can use the dictionary anywhere without the need to be online.

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Nau mai e ngā hua.

More info. Podcasts Online activities of the Te Whanake textbooks for playback on computers, television or portable devices. Te Whanake TV Streamed television programmes for developing listening comprehension skills.This karakia was first published in "Maori Mementos ," by Charles Davis in A snowstorm that transforms the landscape is a metaphor for any life-threatening force that heightens our perceptions and draws us closer to the real world.

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Get ready for the westerly and be prepared for the southerly. It will be icy cold inland, and icy cold on the shore. May the dawn rise red-tipped on ice, on snow, on frost.

The first section of any karakia acknowledges the great forces that are at work connecting us to the atua, the spiritual powers. The second section expresses a loosening of these forces' harmful bonds, and a strengthening of their helpful ones.

#MataHaka - KARAKIA

The third section is the naming of what is required for oneness with the atua. Some people seem not to have understood this triple structure when they tried to put this karakia into English. They noticed that it was a "prayer" of sailors threatened by an approaching storm, and they then distorted the Maori words to make all three sections requests for what is wanted.

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There are several translations on the internet like this one. Let light breezes? Let the red-tipped dawn come with a sharpened air? Karakia are the chants of Maori ritual, using traditional language, symbols and structures. They are a means of achieving oneness - one with the atua, one with the ancestors and one with events of the past.

They have their own traditional structure, symbols and rituals, and their concern is the whole of the universe, earth, sea and sky and into the night. Karakia are not magic spells depending on the exact recitation of the words. The words can be, and are, changed. The power of the karakia came from the atua, and the effectiveness of the karakia depended on the faith of the people using the chants. In their use of ready-made phrases or formulas, the karakia are similar to the other forms of Maori recited chants and Maori songs.

But a karakia is different in its musical style - a very rapid monotone chant. Karakia were usually recited solo by males, though some of the work karakia have sections for a chorus and there are examples of Ngapuhi karakia recited by women.

There were karakia for kumara growing, childbirth, warfare, sickness and death. Karakia for daily work, canoe building, good weather and protection against curses. Karakia to unite factions, to give power to weapons, to cure injuries, to ward off ill luck. The earth, sea and sky, war and peace, life and death were all included, and the emphasis was on the human person.

Every aspect of life was covered. To chant the words of the karakia is to become one with the ancestors. We cut ourselves loose from what is destructive, and bind ourselves to what is life-giving. In the 'eternal present' of ritual, we become one with the whole movement of creation.

Maori songs - Kiwi songs - Home. Placed on web May 13th, There are many types of karakia. Karakia may be part of daily ritual to bless whatever the new day brings or to give thanks for blessings received at the close of each day.

In ancient times all people used some form of karakia both in their daily lives and on special occasions.

karakia kai

Some karakia were used for particular ceremonial purposes, perhaps in rituals involved in cleansing, protecting or ordaining. In pre Christian times, karakia were more often sung or chanted using poetic language. The power of karakia comes from the atua and through karakia the sacredness of the person and their links to atua are confirmed. There are karakia for all occasions — birth, death, sickness, warfare, waka building or the growing and harvesting of kai.

Through karakia a bond is made between the person reciting the karakia and the spiritual dimension they are identifying with.

Whether said out loud or silently, to a specific god or to somewhere out into the universe, will depend on the individual. Alternatively karakia might be shared as part of a group who come together under common practices and beliefs.

In more modern times many karakia have taken on a Christian style and are offered to a Christian God.

He Karakia

Christian theology speaks of a time known as the resurrection, where at a time after death the body and soul will reunite. Many karakia, especially those shared during tangihana, refer to an afterlife when the wairua will return to the atua from which it came. ISBN For more information, please visit the Whanau Supporters page.

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#MataHaka - KARAKIA

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All ages and stages Pregnancy Birth to 2 months 3 to 6 months 7 to 12 months 13 to 18 months 19 to 24 months 25 to 36 months 3 to 5 years. Examples of karakia kai from Te Taura Whiri Opens in new window In more modern times many karakia have taken on a Christian style and are offered to a Christian God. Used to assist printing with browsers print.Karakia are prayers or incantations. They are generally used to ensure a favourable outcome to important events and undertakings such as tangihanga the ritual of farewell to our deceasedhui meetingsunveilings etc.

Karakia, in their true essence, are ritual chants invoking spiritual guidance and protection. Where possible, we have included examples of both Christian and traditional karakia in shaded boxes for the following occasions, to:.

Honour and glory to God Peace on Earth Goodwill to all people Lord, develop a new heart Inside all of us Instil in us your sacred spirit Help us, guide us In all the things we need to learn today Amen. Cease the winds from the west Cease the winds from the south Let the breeze blow over the land Let the breeze blow over the ocean Let the red-tipped dawn come with a sharpened air. A touch of frost, a promise of a glorious day. Hui e! Take hold and preserve it Ensure it is never lost Hold fast.

Secure it. Draw together!

karakia kai

Draw on, draw on, Draw on the supreme sacredness To clear, to free the heart, the body and the spirit of mankind Rongo, suspended high above us i. Welcome the gifts of food from the sacred forests from the cultivated gardens from the sea from the fresh waters The food of Tane of Rongo of Tangaroa of Maru I acknowledge Ranginui who is above me, Papatuanuku who lies beneath me Let this be my commitment to all! Find out more Future student? Current Students Close. For Otago Staff Close.

About University of Otago Close. Research and Enterprise at Otago Close. Learning and teaching Close.

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International at Otago Close. Alumni and Friends Close. Contact Otago Close. Pacific at Otago Close. Search the University of Otago Search.Whakataka te hau ki te uru, Whakataka te hau ki te tonga. Haumi e! Hui e! Get ready for the westerly and be prepared for the southerly. It will be icy cold inland, and icy cold on the shore.

karakia kai

May the dawn rise red-tipped on ice, on snow, on frost. Let the strength and life force of our ancestors Be with each and every one of us Freeing our path from obstruction So that our words, spiritual power, love, and language are upheld; Permanently fixed, established and understood!

Forward together! Hui e. Restrictions are moved aside So the pathways is clear To return to everyday activities. I welcome the gifts of food provided by the earth mother and the sky father, bearer of food baskets Gifts bound together to sustain all of us! United and connected as one! Welcome the gifts of food from the sacred forests from the cultivated gardens from the sea from the fresh waters The food of Tane of Rongo of Tangaroa of Maru I acknowledge the sky father who is above me, the earth mother who lies beneath me Let this be my commitment to all!

Draw together! Give us this day our daily bread; And forgive us our trespasses As we forgive those Who trespass against us; And lead us not into temptation But deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours, now and forever. Back to top.Earn 6. It is a fun way to learn this lovely karakia. Moreover, this activity can be a fun one done together in your own whare.

The karakia comes with an explanation. Download the resource now — or, join Te Reo Club and have unlimited access to heaps of great resources like this! While this is an activity that ensures fun and enjoyment, it also aims to support your tamariki and you to learn an ancient karakia. Just scan it through your mobile device using a QR code scanner app and it will lead you to an audio clip to support pronunciation for the karakia in this concertina book!

Also, if you want to find out more about the benefits of QR codes in the classroom read this. Moreover, this concertina book includes images of the atua who provide food from different natural resources. Parents wanting their tamariki to embrace more reo will appreciate this.

Also, they can say it before kai. In addition, this video is to interest your tamariki in making their own karakia concertina book. Lastly, for full instructions, you can watch the Matariki Concertina Book video. With little effort and a lot of support your tamariki can make something useful and precious. Ahakoa he iti, he pounamu! Your email address will not be published. Login Remember me. Lost your password? Purchase this Product and Earn 6. Description Reviews 0 Description 91 shares.

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